Double J is located at the north end of the Willamette Valley near Portland, Oregon. We have a small flock made up of Leicester Longwool and Wensleydale sheep. Both breeds are classified as "longwools," a term shared by a few additional sheep breeds such as Lincoln, Cotswold, Teeswater, Romney and Border Leicester. Both of our breeds are uncommon in the United States.

  • Medium to large sheep
  • Long-staple fleece of lustrous, soft-handling wool
  • Good mothering traits
  • Good milkers
  • Calm disposition
  • Scrapie-resistant genetics
  • Dual-purpose breeds
  • Excellent crossbreeding sires

Leicester Longwools

Commonly called "Leicesters," they disappeared in the U.S. in the early 20th century and were re-imported from Tasmania in 1990. They are engaging, warm and beautiful sheep with heavy, soft-handling fleeces of lustrous curls. Our focus is producing good quality animals for breeding stock and for maintaining their valuable genetic heritage. For additional detail see the Leicester page.


New to the United States, this aristocratic and striking breed is being "re-created" here via an upgrade program because Federal regulations forbid the import of live sheep from Britain, the native home of the Wensleydale. This largest of the British breeds is a superb crossing sire and produces the most valuable luster longwool fleece in the world. See the Wensleydale page for a full description.

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